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CLAT 2019 Analysis, Expected Cut-Off and GK Questions with Answers

CLAT 2019 Analysis, Expected Cut-Off, and General Knowledge Questions with Answers.

Students from all over India appeared for the most anticipated law entrance test, CLAT 2019, which was conducted on 26th May. Now that we are done with the exam, most of us seek for analysis and expected cut-off for CLAT 2019. The post here carries out sectional analysis of CLAT 2019, gives expected cut-off and provides answers for General Knowledge questions that came in CLAT 2019.

Since CLAT 2019 was a considerably lengthy paper, the cut-off is likely to fall despite the broad consensus among aspirants that it was an overall easy paper. The same thing had happened in CLAT 2011 which was a lengthy and difficult paper. For the top 6 NLUs, we expect the cut-off to be around 116-121. The overall cutoff is likely to be in the range of 108-113.

English: With reasonably straightforward questions, the English section of CLAT 2019 was easy. The section had 10 questions from reading comprehension based on invention and innovation, 5 questions on spelling mistakes, 5 on para jumble sentences, 5 on foreign words, 5 on phrases, and 5 on the elaborated grammar. All put together, the English section of CLAT 2019 was simple and any score more than 35 can be deemed as a good score.

Logical Reasoning: This section of CLAT 2019 was comprehensive; questions from almost every topic were asked. The section consisted of 15 questions based on three Puzzles, 3 questions on Logical Consistency, 5 questions on Syllogism, 5 questions on Number Series, 4 questions on Coding-Decoding, 3 questions on Analogy, and 1 on Blood Relation. Logical Reasoning section of CLAT 2019 did not comprise of questions from Critical Reasoning, the whole section only had questions from Analytical Reasoning and Deductive reasoning. A good score would be 25-30

Legal Aptitude: Surprisingly, out of 50 questions in the Legal Aptitude section of CLAT 2019, there was no single question from Legal Knowledge and the very fact made the CLAT 2019 Exam a bit lengthy and time management a determining factor. However, the questions asked were based on the simple logic of Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law along with a few questions on Miscellaneous Laws as well. The ideal score would be 35-40.

Mathematics: Like always, Mathematics section of CLAT 2019 was diverse and carried questions from almost all the topics in the syllabus; Time & Work, Speed, Time & Distance, Profit & Loss, Percentage, etc.
However, even after being a diversified section, most of the questions were fairly simple to solve. A good score would be 10-15.

General Knowledge: Large part of the GK section of CLAT 2019 comprised of questions from current affairs. Moreover, most of the questions were from events happened in the last 4 to 5 months. A good score would be 25-30.
Here are a few GK questions that came in the CLAT 2019:

1. As per the 2019 Happiness Report, which country is the happiest country?
Answer: Finland
2. Who won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in 2019?
Answer: Alia Bhatt
3. Deenanath Mangeshkar Award was conferred to whom?
Answer: Salim Khan
4. Which is the cleanest city in India in 2019?
Answer: Indore
5. Which Indian state has inducted India’s first RoboCop in the police force?
Answer: Kerala
6. The Seoul Peace Prize (2018) was conferred on whom?
Answer: Narendra Modi
7. Where is the headquarter of the Asian Development Bank located?
Answer: Mandaluyong, Philippines
8. Which fruit recently received a Geographical Indication (G.I.) tag
Answer: Shahi Litchi, Muzaffarpur
9. Which spice recently received a Geographical Indication (G.I.) tag
Answer: Kandhamal Haldi, Odisha
10. Who is the writer of the book ‘God save the Hon’ble Supreme Court” book
Answer: Fali S. Nariman
11. Which country won SAFF Women’s Championship five times?
Answer: India
12. Who is the richest man in the world?
Answer: Jeff Bezos
13. Who is the current Chief Information Commissioner of India?
Answer: Sudhir Bhargava
14. Who is the first Indian President who visited Croatia?
Answer: Sh. Ram Nath Kovind
15. Where is the headquarter of International Solar Alliance located?
Answer: Gurugram, India
16. Who was the Manipur politician who passed away recently?
Answer: Holkhomang Haokip
17. Who is known as the father of local self-government?
Answer: Lord Ripon
18. What was the number of phases for Lok Sabha Election 2019?
Answer: 7
19. Which planet is known as the ‘Red Planet’?
Answer: Mars
20. The study of prediction and analysis of elections is known as?
Answer: Psephology
21. Golden Peacock Award is conferred in which field?
Answer: Corporate governance
22. Who is the author of the book ‘Anita gets bail’?
Answer: Arun Shourie
23. Which country has signed Communication, Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with India?
Answer: The USA
24. Which country recently took an exit from the UNESCO?
Answer: The USA
25. When is the International Mother Earth Day observed?
Answer: 22nd April
26. Which is the fastest train in India?
Answer: Vande Bharat Express
27. Which country is the world’s first to convert diesel locomotives to electric?
Answer: India
28. India-Australia joint naval exercise held at Vishakhapatnam Coast is known as?
Answer: AUSINDEX-2019
29. India has successfully test-fired an anti-satellite (A-SAT) by shooting down a live satellite. What is the name of the mission under which the project was completed?
Answer: Mission Shakti
30. Which country has released Ramayana stamp for the first time celebrating centuries-old cultural bonds with India?
Answer: Indonesia
31. Which space agency detected Marsquake?
Answer: NASA
32. First of the ISRO’s five ground stations opened in which of its neighbouring countries?
Answer: Bhutan

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